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Afghanistan is a geologically rich country. Assessments of only a fraction of the country’s land area indicate the potential for considerable mineral resources.

The government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is undertaking a privatisation and licensing programme for four of its mineral prospects. The country has a favourable regulatory and fiscal regime designed in accordance with best practices, and has security in place in designated provinces.

The country’s rich mineral resources have the potential to substantially transform the nation’s economy and provide early investors with substantial upside.

Why Afghanistan?

  • Opportunity to access significant untapped mineral resources in an under-explored region
  • Commitment to developing resource industry for the mutual benefit of the people of Afghanistan
  • Infrastructure development programme focused on resource corridors
  • Geographic proximity to key global growth markets
  • Investment potential across commodities, offering clear “first mover advantage”
  • Strong support for investors from Government of Afghanistan and international community
  • Competitive and stable fiscal regime

Mineral Areas of Interest